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maak plasing gnstling Kettle Society still allowing dealing of Illegal Cigarettes (1134 Burrard Street) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

Burrard at Davie


Every sunny day you can see an older woman with her bag of cigarettes sitting on the benches across from the Kettle Building at 1134 Burrard. Her Name is Kristina B. and she and her son have a thriving illegal cigarette business.

Several tenants have gotten COPD and a couple have gotten Cancer (esophageal and lung) from these cigarettes.

There are two levels of illegal cigarettes. One is the standard tobacco which one gets for roughly $15 to $20 per carton (10 packs) from the ''wholesalers'' the level below that is the bad cartons which have stems,wood and rodent droppings in the cigarettes which burn your throat and a few packs will make you hurt. Kristina buys these smokes for $12 and sells them for $50. This is greed that has to be stopped. Her son has gotten respiratory issues from these smokes and had to quit after several hospital and ambulance calls.

What is truly interesting is when the Kettle Manager Damien who smokes E vapor nicotine now comes out he is all smiles for and from her as he waves to her across the street. We wonder how much he gets paid off to turn a blind eye as he indirectly kills the tenants.

The bookkeeping book she uses to write down sales shows that this is thriving $3,000 month business. Preying on seniors and mentally challenged people.

When will the Police crack down on this?

Who knows. Never I guess. Too many people being paid off. From those smokes one person had esophageal cancer and what is the cost to societies healthcare. $20,000? $40,000? There has been at least 20 ambulance calls to the building for respiratory issues last year. How much is that to the taxpayers $300 a visit plus the hospital bill approximately another $700. Which is not including the lost taxation revenue.

How many have to die or commit suicide when they get diagnosed with cancer?
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