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No, I'm NOT against Unions.... I'm against union officials' the ones (WE ELECT TO REPRESENT US) "abuse of power" at the expense of their own rank and file members. I'm against corruption, violence, intimidation, injustice, and CONFLICT OF INTEREST...all for personal gain.
Unions such as CUPE are deeply corrupt.

Unions as registered NPO's (non-profit organizations) LOL... This is a real scam against all Canadians!


Unions have institutional interests that conflict with their members' interests. In these cases unions usually place their interests first...NOT YOURS.

The typical Canadian does not realize that as soon as you become a union member, whether or not by your own choosing or being forced, you automatically lose all your rights in any and all matters pertaining to employment, human rights etc.

A unionized worker is not a party of the Collective Agreement. Unionized members are just appendages to the union and nothing more.

The Collective Agreement is a contract between the Union and the Employer...NOT in you the have no RIGHTS to anything!

Just to name a few:

NO RIGHTS - To choose union rep to represent you or for a grievance
NO RIGHTS - To see any notes by a union rep in any disciplinary meeting about u
NO RIGHTS - The right to have grievances taken to arbitration
NO RIGHTS - To Legal counsel of your own choice
NO RIGHTS - Ask questions to Legal Counsel regarding your own arbitration
NO RIGHTS - To see your own grievance/arbitration files

Unions negotiate workers' terms of pay, promotion, layoff, and retirement; Union members may not bargain for themselves. However, very few union members voted for this representation. Once organized, unions remain certified indefinitely. Very few union members chose their union to represent them. Most accepted union representation as a condition of employment, but did not separately choose either general representation or the specific union that represents them.

Workers' Union representatives have their own agenda...NOT you're best interest or the BEST interest of the MEMBERSHIP...most members don't even attend meetings, or voice their opinions/concerns, because if you do you become a target!!!

You can count on any agreement reached not being to your benefit unless there is something in it for the Union...and no... Not the Union as in the MEMBERSHIP.

It seems that an ever increasingly unionized working population in Canada becomes extremely disappointed from the lack of representation they expect to get from their unions. Unfortunately, at the end, when it's too late they usually discover the harsh reality in what they got involved in...BELIEVE ME...IT'S THE TRUTH...

Unionized workers have no absolute rights within a labour union. Workers actually believe that the unions are there for them. They call themselves unions, but they are not based on the principle of working-class unity.


Its common practice that many union delegates want to present themselves and their union corporation as "THE Defenders of Worker's rights". It's also a popular belief that a Labour Union has an obligation to represent the interests of the unionized worker in times he needs it the most. And that's what union representatives want us to believe, and that's how they market themselves.

And that's what many of you believe.

Every schoolchild knows that there is strength in unity and that disunity brings only weakness and confusion, demoralization and defeat. The union principle is sound, yet the unions fail to unite the workers. They fail even to protect the small and shrinking numbers who belong to them and pay their dues.

Most union leaders started out as sincere and honest people, but the harsh realities of capitalism quickly disillusioned them. The more hopeless the plight of the rank and file appeared, the more the union leaders turned to feathering their own nests, this is corruption of the worst kind. It perverts the historic mission of unionism. Yet, despite their betrayals of the workers' interests, virtually everyone who pretends to have the workers' interests at heart.

Most, if not all, Labour Union Activists in Canada present themselves as "Socialists", many of the "Social-Democrat" ideology. And we believe them.

That's all nice theory, mostly found printed in nice-looking glossy promotional fliers and websites. But let's put aside Labour Union marketing theory and let's examine what happens in the real word: That is when a worker wilfully or against his will becomes a paying member of a union.

Let's get the facts straight from the get-go.

First and foremost, notwithstanding the theoretical provisions of both Labour Legislation and the Collective Agreement, a unionized member has absolutely no guaranteed rights within his union, and the union has absolutely no obligations whatsoever to represent any of its workers.

The Collective Agreement is a contract between the Union and the Employer. As such, it goes without saying that a non-party of any Agreement or Contract has no rights over it. Similarly, unionized workers have absolutely no rights whatsoever over the Collective Agreement and the Union has absolutely no real representation obligations over its paying members. Unions can do pretty much whatever they want with their union members with respect to labour issues.

Unions have certain responsibilities, but absolutely no obligations towards workers they claim to represent.

Among these responsibilities is that the union may not act in bad faith. However, the burden of the proof lies within the worker to prove it, and unless the union makes a written statement (called prima-facie evidence in union lingo) that it deliberately acted in bad faith towards the worker, it's pretty much doomed to be a lost case for the worker in question.

Incompetence, poor judgment, negligence or dispensing of bad advice from Unions is not a breach for DFR legislation "Duty of Fair Representation". If the unionized worker is not satisfied that his/her grievance form was being neglected, the unionized worker can file a "DFR Complaint" against his union to his Provincial Labour Relations Board (or if in a federal jurisdiction, to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board). These Boards are the institutions that provide accreditations to unions, and are known to heavily lean towards the union side.

Year after year, statistics show that 99% of all DFR Complaints for union misrepresentation that disadvantaged unionized workers filed for a union redress, were dismissed right from the get go. In any given province, the provincial Board receives on average 1000 DFR complaints. 990 are dismissed.

It's routine for unions to get "DFRed" at Boards for misrepresenting their workers. However, knowing that the disadvantaged worker is almost guaranteed to loose, they couldn't care less.

The issue here is that in today's society anyone can claim anywhere that is a socialist that supports democracy, without having the slightest notion of their fundamental principles. Their actions can only serve as evidence that such individuals are an embarrassment to the Socialist ideology and a nuisance to democratic values.

It's evidently clear that such unions advocate for Opportunism. That is the conscious policy and practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances, with little or no regard for principles. Opportunism has the connotation of lack of integrity, more often than not, getting involved in dubious, unjustifiable and illegitimate activities.

It's really unfortunate that such opportunists are impostering and presenting themselves as defenders of worker's rights and social-democratic principles.

For every one apparent "good act" a union does for its Public Relations Department to get media exposure, there are hundreds other anti-worker tactics it advocates behind closed doors. That would be the equivalent to have a thief in your house that for every 100 objects he steals behind your back, he makes you a gift with great fanfare.

Once a workplace is unionized it is nearly impossible for employees to decertify a union. As a result, millions of unionized employees work in union shops where they have never had the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want to remain represented by that union.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) indicates that ...less than 10% of currently unionized employees voted for the union in their workplace.

In the state of which the unions and their delegates go about doing their daily business routine, they do not only sabotage Canadian Justice and are an embarrassment to the very fundamentals of the Socialist and Democratic principles, but also a nuisance to workers, to employers, to the economy and to our society as a whole.

Either Canadian Labour Unions should stop lobbying for anti-worker legislation and START to REPRESENT WORKERS and ADVOCATE FOR THEIR RIGHTS...or we should question ourselves if the Labour Unions do have a place into our society!

Ohhhh and forget about Arbitration...Arbitrators are just as corrupt and bias, majority of decisions made are in favour of employers. After all Employers and unions select the Arbitrator for the Arbitration case and also pay their wages. And NO, the Arbitrator is NOT an independent person or a third party.

Who does the lawyer (legal Counsel) represent in a grievance?

THE UNION. . . (Not the membership/individual or grievor). You cannot ask the lawyer any questions about your grievance. Legal Counsel represents the Union (NOT YOU) and do not communicate with grievor's directly, except to get facts for a hearing. Because the union is their client, Legal Counsels are not at liberty to discuss or disclose communication to other's, including YOU the grievor.

Can I hire my own Lawyer (Legal Counsel) to represent me?

The Union is the bargaining agent in the workplace and ONLY the local can represent members in meetings with the employer and in arbitration. If a member hires their own lawyer, that lawyer does not have the right to represent the member in meetings or in arbitration, although the member might bring them along, (at an hourly cost to you the member).
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