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Hi everyone!
My name is Evelina and me and a friend of mine are looking to rent a two bedroom place OR 2 bedrooms in an established share.

A little about us: I'm 24, Louise is 29. We're from Sweden and just finished university over there. Right now we're both studying film (I study Writing and Louise studies film production) at Vancouver Film School.

I got here in August and have been living with a lovely family in Kensington Cedar-Cottage. Louise arrived here very recently and now we're looking for a place together.

Neither of us smoke and we rarely drink. We're not partiers but we do enjoy the occasional movie night with our friends. I do have an 8-month old adoptive dog named Zoe, about 8kg. She's a well-traveled pup and is used to coming with me everywhere, so she gets settled very quickly.

We're looking for a furnished place (The basics, would be ok with 1 bed. Could buy our own bed if we had to.) within an hour's commute of Downtown Vancouver where we both study. 1BR is fine, as long as there's space in the living area for a bed OR a smaller den one of us could sleep in. Our price range is around 1500 total.

Kind Regards,

Evelina Saulo & Louise Kärsbo Svanerud

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