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maak / vervaardiger: Cooperman
modelnaam / nommer: Artist Series
toestand: nuut

Selling this never used Riq. Made by Cooperman Fife and Drum Company

::::Please Note: this is not a pandeiro. (a pandeiro has more of a bass sound and one row of jingles)

Comes with Remo WeatherKing Head...clear but you can scuff it up with sandpaper to give it some sound effects by rubbing your hand across it.

The waiting list was about 3 months even though they say it takes "typically" 2 weeks to prepare your order for shipping.

This model is the Riq Artist Series.
I had the scalloped/notches/cut-outs made (no extra charge) and the sunburst finish (orangish/yellow with black on the end).
This order was considered the "fancy finish" (an extra $46 USD).
I order it with the gold and black rope but they don't supply that any more, they suggested to have just the black rope.
• Hand hammered zills/jingles, brass - 4 sets of 2 jingles each of brass (8)
• 2 sets of 2 jingles each of bronze (4) for the finger rolls. ***The Zills can also be changed out for different sound effects (can order from Cooperman).
• long handled hex wrench to tighten head

I ordered it and after about 3 months it came and I lost interest in it.
Made a few taps on the head and jingles and than it sat on the shelf in a bag all this time.
Literally like brand new.

Cooperman are known for their high quality and attention to detail instruments. A small shop in the woods of Vermont USA.

Riq drums by Cooperman:

There are tons of video on the net to get you started if you're a beginner...
Check them out here :

Cost $475 USD/$617.00 CAD Duty/import taxes $70.00 total - $690 Canadian
Asking $525.00 (a $175.00 saving for a brand new, high quality Riq).

***If you see this ad, the Riqq is still for sale. I will delete this ad when it's sold.

***Yes it's still for sale :)
Cash only, no shipping, in person only. Thanks.

Keywords: riqq, rik, daf, tef, reqq, arab tambourine, middle Eastern tambourine, Arabic tambourine, not a pandeiro

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