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It's that time of the year again at Rufus Guitar Shop, we are receiving new stock every day and are running out of room! There are huge savings to be had as we make space for 2018 models. Guitars, amps, pedals, deals in every category! Here are just some of the deals available, many of the prices are too low for the internet! Sale pricing is only available in store, while supplies last, all sales final so hurry in!

Acoustic Guitars:
Art & Lutherie Ami Spruce Burgundy Parlour Reg $359.99 Sale $299! Sold out
Eastman AC220 Reg $699 Sale $399 Sold Out
Goodtime Jumbo 6 String Banjo Reg $889 Sale $699!
Martin DCX1AE Maccassar Reg $909 Sale $In Store Only
Martin D-16E Shallow Body Reg $2469.99 Sale $In Store Only
Martin D-16GT Reg $1949 Sale $In Store
Martin DRS1 Reg $989 Sale $In Store Only
Martin D-35 2017 reg $3639 Sale $3299!
Martin HD-28 2017 Reg $3979 Sale $3599!
Yamaha FG820AB Demo Reg $349.99 Sale $299.99!
Yamaha FG830AB Demo Reg $399.99 Sale $349.99!
Taylor 214CEDLX Black Demo Reg $1799 Sale $1399!
Taylor 710E Western Sunburst Reg $4299 Sale $In Store Only
Taylor 322E-12 Fret Reg $2749 Sale $In Store Only
Taylor 616CE Reg $4899 Sale $In Store
Taylor 510 Reg $2799 Sale $In Store Only
Taylor 710CE reg $4399 sale $3499!
Taylor 816CE reg $5399 Sale $In Store Only
Washburn WCG25SCE Comfort Deluxe Cutaway Reg $949 Sale $799!

Electric Guitars:
Fender American Pro Tele Deluxe Black Reg $1899 Sale $Sold
Fender American Elite Strat Tobacco Reg $2699 Sale $In Store
Fender American Elite Tele Thinline Natural Reg $2699 Sale $In Store
Fender Roadworn 60s Strat Burst Reg $1219 Sale $In Store Only
Fender Squier VM Jaguar Surf Green Reg $539 Sale $Sold
Fender Brad Paisley Tele reg $1649 Sale $In Store Only
Fender 1974 Telecaster (Used) Blonde Reg $3999 Sale $2999.99!
Gibson Explorer Classic T 2017 Cherry Reg $1549 Sale $1399!
Gibson Les Paul Classic T 2017 Cherry Reg $2249 Sale $1999!
Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2017 Ebony Reg $1699 Sale $1499!
Gibson SG Special 2017 Burst Reg $999 Sale $899!
Gibson Firebird T 2017 Burst Reg $1699 Sale $1499!
Gibson Flying V T 2017 Ebony reg $1549 Sale $1399!
Ibanez AMV10A-TCL Aged Thinline Reg $769.99 Sale $569.99!
Ibanez Saber S520-bbs Reg $699 Sale $499!
Musicman Petrucci Mystic Reg $2699 Sale $2399!
Musicman Stingray Guitar HH Burst Reg $2199 Sale $1999!
Musicman Valentine Buttermilk Reg $2699 Sale $2399!
Musicman St Vincent Burst (Rosewood Neck) Reg $2599 Sale $Sold
PRS S2 Standard Singlecut White reg $1729 Sale $In Store
PRS S2 Standard Satin Red Reg $1299 Sale $In Store
PRS CE 24 Trampas green Reg $2599 Sale $In Store Only
PRS S2 Vela Ltd Gold Reg $1759 Sale $In Store Only
PRS Mcarty 594 Faded Whale Blue Reg $4680 Sale $In Store
PRS Custom 24 Black Gold Reg $4450 Sale $In Store Only
PRS 408 Blood Orange Reg $4875 Sale $In Store Only
Taylor T5Z Custom Ltd Edition Reg $4999 Sale $3999!
Yamaha Revstar RS720BWLF Reg $1199 Sale $799!
Yamaha Revstar RS820CRRRT Reg $1199 Sale $799!
Yamaha Revstar RS420FTB Reg $599 Sale $399!
Yamaha SA2200VS Semi Hollow Reg $2399 Sale $1799! Made in Japan!
Yamaha SG181820 Sunburst Reg $2699 Sale $2299! Made in Japan!

All in stock new basses 10% off!!

Blackstar HT5R Combo Reg $649 Sale $549!
Cook CB-1 tube Combo with Attenuator Reg $1299 Sale $899!
Marshall DSL40CV Classic Lt Ed reg $949 Sale $849!
Fender Blues Jr III reg $719 Sale $649!
Fender Mustang GT100 Reg $539 Sale $In Store
Fender Bassbreaker 007 combo Reg $599 Sale $In Store Only
Vox AV60 Combo reg $629 Sale $449!
Vox AC15 Ltd Ed White Bronco Reg $949 Sale $849

Alexander Amnesia Analog Delay Reg $255 Sale $179.99!
Alexander Radical Delay II Plus Reg $279 Sale $249.99!
Boss CP-1X Compressor Reg $199 Sale $In Store
Catalinbread Zero Point Flanger Reg $267 Sale $149.99!
Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Reg $267.99 Sale $199.99!
Catalinbread Talisman Reverb Reg $283 Sale $249.99!
Danelectro French Fries Auto Wah (Used) Sale $29.99!
Digitech Luxe Chorus Reg $169.95 Sale $Sold
Digitech Nautila Chorus/Flange Reg $225 Sale $In Store
Digitech Polara Reverb Reg $225 Sale $In Store
DOD Carcosa Fuzz Reg $149.99 Sale $109.95!
Dunlop 50th Anniversary Crybaby Wah Gold Reg $349.99 Sale $259.99!
Dunlop JHM7 Univibe Reg $182.95 Sale $In Store
Dunlop JHm6 Octavio Reg $182.95 Sale $In Store
Earthquaker Terminal Fuzz Reg $221 Sale $Sold
Earthquaker Grand Orbiter V2 Phaser/Vibrato Reg $259 Sale $199.99!
Earthquaker Hummingbird V3 tremolo Reg $209 Sale $Sold
Earthquaker Space Spiral V1 Reg $259.99 Sale $199.99!
Earthquaker Spatial Delivery Envelope filter V1 Reg $259.99 Sale $Sold
EHX B9 Reg $299 Sale $In Store
EHX East river Drive Reg $91.99 Sale $In Store
EHX Soul Preacher (Used) reg $99 Sale $65!
EHX Blurst Reg $175 Sale $In Store
EHX Crayon $83 Sale $In Store
EHX Small Stone Reg $95 Sale $In Store
EHX Neo Mistress Flanger Reg $99.99 Sale $In Store
Hotone Compressor Reg $99 Sale $49!
Hotone Rotary Speaker Reg $109.99 Sale $65!
Hotone Envelope Filter Reg $139.99 Sale $75!
JHS Crayon Reg $269 Sale $In Store
JHS Honeycomb Deluxe V2 reg $323 Sale $In Store
JHS Pollinator V2 Reg $269 Sale $In Store
JHS Pulp n Peel V4 Reg $310 Sale $In Store
JHS Twin Twelve Reg $269.99 Sale $In Store
J Rockett IQ Compressor Reg $299 Sale $In Store
J Rockett Majestic Overdrive Reg $269 Sale $In Store
Marshall ED-1 compressor (Used) Sale $50!
Malekko Omicron Phaser Reg $160 Sale $119!
Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb reg $239 Sale $179.99!
Malekko Omicron Spring Reverb reg $189 Sale $149.99!
Maxon 808 (Used) Sale $149.99!
Maxon VOP-9 (Used) Sale $199.99!
Moog MF Ring reg $189 Sale $165!
MXR Echoplex Delay reg $299.99 Sale $In Store
MXR Dynacomp mini reg $139.99 Sale $In Store
One Control compressor reg $195 Sale $129.99!
One Control Tremolo reg $195 Sale $129.99!
One Control Dimension Chorus Reg $230 Sale $149.99!
Subdecay Variac Overdrive reg $249.99 Sale $149.99!
Swart Fuzzy Boost Reg $299.99 Sale $249.99!
Swart Atomic Boost Reg $279.99 Sale $199.99!
TC Electronic Sentry Noisegate Reg $185 Sale $In Store
TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler Reg$ 179.99 Sale $In Store
TC Ditto X2 Looper Reg $255 Sale $In Store
TC Vortex Mini Reg $139.99 Sale $In Store
TC Corona Chorus Mini Reg $139.99 Sale $In Store
Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion reg $209.99 Sale $169.99!
Wampler Latitude Tremolo (Used) Reg $249 Sale $149.99!
Wren And Cuff elephant Skin Reg $332 Sale $299.99!
Wren and Cuff Box of War Reg $312 Sale $275!
Wren and Cuff Sonder Chorus/Trem reg $347.99 Sale $259.99!
Voodoo Lab Microvibe (used) reg $199 Sale $99.99!

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