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All Your Loans Needs are Here for $10 Million to $500 Billion Plus!!

- Funding must be viable Projects, Humanitarian Projects to the front of the line! ( Startups, construction; domestic, international are the best).
- Business purchase ok, but..120 days to fund.

How it works:
When the Great Depression hit in 1933 America was devastated. Money for companies could not be raised. The SEC started loans with Americas National Treasurers our Billionaires and others with significant amounts of money in 1933. The new financial law allows companies to borrow money for 2 years payment free or interest only loans for the first 2 years for them to get America strong and back on their feet. It worked. Then what? WW II started and even more the money war industries needed to build American planes and warfare equipment and the need for such "Platform Trading" Funding was created as a 2nd tier to the 1933 SEC law. In 1943 under Marshall Law platform trading with the newly created IMF and World Bank at Brentwood, NH Platform trading allowed the Billionaires to trade $150 Million Euros along with a Firm needing funding $150 Million Euros to fast track in 40 weeks funding every 10 days to the desired amount. The investors trade to this day 80 years later with the top 25 world banks 2 to 3 times a day "Pension Fund" guaranteed spreads and create money 30% to 80% per day via Arbitrage. This is to have a Humanitarian Non for Profit use but lending is allowed and that brings us to you. From $10 Million funding to $100 million funding we require $125K down to "piggyback" on our three Family Offices we have on staff; investors $150 MM on the platform they own. In 120 days we have generated at 25% interest a week compounded daily to you $10 Million dollars. The amount down required to Piggyback is a factor of .0125 at $10MM, $30MM etc. Anytime at any amount, the entity needing the funding can put up $150 MM Euros blocked in their Bank, Trust, etc account and trade the 40 week route getting funded every 10 days to their desired funding amount. I have literature explaining the process just email me. This way of funding is great if you are a startup, construction versus wanting to buy a 40 MM hotel and need money in 60 days. The hotel may not be there. The funding has a 2 year interest only payment. The dividends in the loan pay the remainder of the payments. The great news is from the initial $10MM funding received after 120 days you can pull the deposit of $125K out of that funding and obtain another $10MM in 120 days and another and another on and on. Try that at your local Bank. Compare this to a conventional bank with 75% LTV with 25% down or more. Years of amortization, credit needed, collateral tied up for years. No way!!

Good Things:
- $10 Million-$500 Billion funding available
- 98.75% LTV or $125K Down gets $10 Million in 120 days wired to your account.
- Project Funding $100 Million and up .0125 down or $1.25MM down piggybacks on our Billionaires $150MM for
40 weeks funding every 10 business days to your $100M
- Loans $10 Million at 98.75% LTV or $125K down for $10 Million fund every 120 Days.
- One Stop Shopping for all your Business Project Funding needs
- Private Placement Funding from $10 million to $100 Billion
- The Mega Loan $10 Million to $100 Billion Private Placement Funding
- $2.3 Billion Dollar Encore Hotel in Las Vegas was the same 40 week paytout every 10 days funding Steve Wynn
used on the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas used for their his hotel Casino.
-98.25% LTV $125K Down gets $10MM Private Funding, Banks wont do this-
- 98% LTV on ALL $10 Million to $100 Billon Projects Why Pay 60/40%, 75%/25% or More Conventional Loans at the Banks???
- Loans from $10M - $100 Billion and up
- No Credit Checks - No personal guarantee - No asset verification, Non Recourse
- US and International funding - Start ups ok
- Some county restrictions apply
- Real Estate All Industries, All Sectors
- Development, Construction,- Non Real Estate Rehab- mining- Oil and gas Pipelines- Green Energy projects
- Acquisitions, -- Construction- Development or - Rehab and more
- Loan starts funding in 90 to 120 days after your documents are submitted
- All points in the loan
- Non Recourse - Assumable
- 8% rates, - No Credit Checks
- Interest payments only first two years
- Dividends from funding end of 2 years pays for all loan loan paid off end of the 3rd year!!!
- loan for any purpose in any industry
- Executive Summary and 5 Year Business Plan Required send to my email

How To Apply;
I need an email addressed to me within the body of the submission sent to me please provide the answer to my 5 questions below.
1. First and last name of the main Principle involved:
2. Address of where the project is located:
3. Address of where the Principal is located:
4. The exact funding amount requested, including desired structure (debt, debt /equity, and percentages), also include equity invested, or available, from principals:
5. Summary of project highlights, # of units, square footage, product mix, with the total of construction jobs and most importantly sustainable jobs after construction is completed (Please limit to 5 sentences or less):

Attach to the above email an Executive Summary or Brief on the project and a 5 Year Plan Pro Forma on the use of the money for 5 years . Due diligence is expected, not just a whim, you will be covering your project with outr Investor Billionaire on an hour phone conference. The executive summary should include the following, as a guideline (there is NO required format, only focused on pertinent and relevant information)
1. Project overview
2. Principals and advisory, with appropriate organizational structure and management overview
3. Funding requirements, and use of funds
4. Market, product, or service overview, including critical timeline related information, as well as milestones (past and future)
5. Competitive advantages and challenges
6. Financial information pertaining to the project, including historical financials (if available) and 3-5 proforma
7. Exit Strategy (if defined) *PLEASE NOTE: Within the summary there should be clear communication of what the necessary capital raise is (see #3).
8. Attach a 5 year business plan (ProForma) to the email also send to me.

Once the executive summary is reviewed and gains initial acceptance (for further review, NOT A COMMITMENT TO FUND), a conference call with be scheduled to review the entire process. From there you can decide if you want to choose to move forward.

Call for more information

Gregory G. Baron, MBA
Financial Loan Specialist
Office 815.517. 6182
Fax 708.590.0839

If phone is busy please text me, email me or leave a message. Text and email are faster with the below information.

Veteran Owned Firm USAF
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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