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H St Rd at Sherwood Dr

(google map)

UPDATE: Faye is still missing. If you see her, please contact me ASAP.

Also: if you have Faye and intend on keeping her, please consider anonymously contacting me or her rescue (NOAH Center). My family and Faye's rescue caretakers have been extremely sad and worried for her safety. Please include specific tag info so we know you really have her.


Posted due to proximity to the border:

Our newly adopted rescue dog (previous stray) got away from us on 9/21/18 and was last seen on H St Rd near Sherwood Dr outside of Blaine. We are devastated that she is gone.

Her name is Faye and she is an older 26 lb black Chihuahua mix. She may not seek out humans unless she needs something and is more apt to run than approach people. She is not aggressive, just fearful/ skittish with strangers. She is food motivated. If you see her, please contact us immediately. If you can't get ahold of us (our cell service can be spotty), please call local animal control immediately to attempt a pick up. (We would also enlist their help, as was recommended by an associate at her rescue.)

Also, please do not chase her. She is a fearful dog and will run into traffic or keep running further away from home, which will make her harder to find. Please call or text with a location any time, day or night: 360 778 nine seven eight eight.

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