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ladies get real , before your to old to do anything useful (b.c.)

nvan bad

Occupying TD @ 700 W Georgia (Vancouver)

re re the guy with false facts

re nvan bad (north van)

Cheating Women (North Van)

Re: Nvan baddd

Re: Addiction


North Vancouver is Iran! (Vancouver)

MCFD are stealing kids again (North van)

Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas.

Transwest Roofing burned my home (van > homeless) map

=======================I am The real Canadian -White with Blue eyes . (van > ----------------I am The real Canadian) map

In the presence of the turd in your pocket (bli > DeadFishHam) map

Encampment under the bridge pic map

pick any subject you like... (bli > Background Static) map

Everybody pays for Refugees except the Guilty! (Vancouver) (van > ----------------------Find out The truth) pic map

Woods Lakeway Coffee (bli > Bham) map

They should flood the streets with more Fentanyl drugs ! (van > ----------------Great news !) pic map

Fools and Tools (vic > North of you) pic map

4 Dead in O HI O....4 Dead in O HI O (bli > Massey Theatre) map

re:re overdose deaths (van > bc) map

RE: street urchins map

Lies from Enterprise YVR (van > Richmond) pic map

re overdose deaths (bc) map

People Who Fold Their Money map

having a superbowl party? pic map

ready for hillary...still? pic map

Signal to noise ratio (bli > here) map

wwu president shepard is a spineless libtard (bli > wwu utopia) pic map

Safeway's Lucerne Milk map

Door Charge to Attend BC Place Shows. (van > Vancouver) map

Natives need to grow up and be men , women with pride,self sufficient (van > Canada) pic map

***You All ARE A Bunch Of PATHETIC LOSERS*** map

The Victory for Hungary !! Kicks Out Rothschild's " IMF Bank " (van > ----------------------Find out The truth) pic map

--CANCER---------Government hiding the truth about Fukushima Radiation (van > CANCER-CANCER) pic map

Wolf? (abb > Fraser Valley) map

RE:Street urchins pic map

do you have heart or circulation problems (van > all canada) map

is it that hard... (van > buses,trains) map

everything isn't super map

abandoning animals (van > anywhere) map

Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News' Murdoch to Drill for Oil in Syria (van > -----------------Find out The truth) pic map

speak up! map

How Metro Vancouver is not building an economy... (van > Find out The truth) map

is this possible? map

NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency (van > ----------------------Find out The truth) pic map

Excessive speeding in Gordon Head (vic > Saanich) map

BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine. (It's only a car.) ......... :) (van > 284 km/hr on Coquihalla) map

Tavis da woosah (abb > cheewak) map

RE: RE: political ambitions map

overdose deaths (van > bc) map

A Rave for Emeralds and Diamonds map

POF (van > Vancouver) map

re: "the commitment needs to be a commitment... map

I agree about miss hyper Ann Luu ctv news map

Achtung!!!!!!Avoid Canada NWO!! (bli > CanadaShithole) pic map


Ann Luu on CTV (ch 101) map

Re: Hi map

The westend is not only trash map

RE RE RE Re: smokers at Richmond Hospital map

We have just arrived to save you from yourselfs! (vic > uganda/libya) pic map

smokers at Richmond Hospital!!! pic map

re: Rants & Raves map

social power map

bad otm map

trolling for dullards (nmo > hateful cur) map

Dear Myrna Moore (vic > BC Transit) pic map

Nanaimo Boneheads (nmo > nanhomo) pic map

RE: political ambitions map


Re: POF experience/observation (van > Gutted) map

re ; TENT SHITTY (vic > campground) map

Fire David Screech (vic > View Royal) map

Feminism is the New Excuse for Treating People like Garbage (van > Vancouver) map

Tonite (van > Everywhere) pic map

Re: Hope city liars (abb > Hope) map

political ambitions map

re: Plenty of Fish Observations / Experience map

Funniest thing I read all day map

Street urchins map

"Trudeau" and the budget will balance itself (van > 60 cent Loonie) pic map

Not sure if I can do this..... map

Thetis.....😒 map



RE re tent shitty, homeless, our mayor, our city (vic > victoria) map

Save Oyster Dome!!! (bli > Bellingham) pic map

How to Restrict Foreign Chinese Home Purchases (van > GVRD) pic map

re:RE: smokers at Richmond Hospital map

RE: ICBC does not provide insurance services (British Columbia) (van > Vancouver) pic map

Plenty of Fish Observations / Experience (van > Vancouver) map

Hey Now! pic map

Chirsty Clark (van > LNG) map

Kayla Bourque (van > beware) map

RE: shills pic map

re yawn ............BS was for bullshit (vic > ToolsofFools) pic map

re outrageous internet prices (nmo > Canada) pic map

re vic mayor (vic) map

Re: tent shitty map

60's pic map

re: ha ha (Burns, OR) = CRAIGSLIST SHILL (bli > An office in D.C.) pic map

Vic Mayor (vic > vic) map

Re: Swans (vic > LowJo) map

American Products @ Auctions (van > GVRD) map

Propane gas prices WARNING map

ICBC does not provide insurance services (van > British Columbia) pic map

tent shitty map

Remember when Van/ Rockland was beautiful and the gateway to Fairfield pic map

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