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Regarding: This is whats on my mind... - w4m map

Saturday night got a little crazy - w4m

Surgeon's office - w4m (Downtown)

Starbucks evening - w4m (Southpointe)

31 talked on nsachat - w4m 31 map

Guy in SMART CAR - Feb.10 - 9:30am - w4m (Coquitlam BC)

i like you! - w4m

I'm sorry - w4m (Langley) map

Cat N Fiddle Hottie! - w4m (cat n fiddle pub)

Bob Seger Concert - w4m

You called me sweetheart - w4m (Outside pub) map

Thoughts - w4m

I am looking for someone specific - w4m (Surrey)

Will I ever be missed by you? - w4m (I am sure you know)

January 15-402 Bus - w4m

29 Dark Haired Man - w4m 29 map

Stunning - w4m (Surrey)

Jonathan - w4m map

Tall guy at Urban Fair - w4m (Olympic Village)

36 Seawall cyclist VanCity guy - w4m 36 (Seawall science world)

25 On the 99 B-line. Youd been at Whole Foods, we're both rocking buns. - w4m 25 map

Eon Altar - w4m (Vancouver) map

seen you a few times at the beach and Pacific spirit park - w4m (Pacific spirit park/McDonald beach) map

re: thank u - w4m map

Hurried out of the gym/pool this morning just as you arrived - w4m (Vancouver) map

Home depot - w4m (Surrey)

25 Medical imaging worker at Burnaby general - w4m 25 map

dublin pub 3pm to 430 feb 2 - w4m (cloverdale) map

Re: I miss you (Earth) - w4m (Maple ridge) map

Canada Line from Waterfront to Richmond Brighouse - w4m (The Canada Line) map

Tim Hortons Drive Thru United Blvd - w4m (Coquitlam) map

Fall of 2012 - Halifax nova scoti - w4m

Clay S sexiest man in ridge - w4m map

Attraction at Work - w4m (Willoughby) map

N... miss you - w4m map

Hi D. The one that got away! - w4m (Surrey)

Blue Rodeo Hawtt Bald Guy - w4m (Van)

Declan, my drunk Irish friend on the street - w4m (The corner I was talking into) map

Hot guy at Kingsway LD - w4m (Kingsway London drugs) map

Uncertain - w4m (Where ever I am) map

25 Bartender with ponytail - w4m 25 (The Comedy Mix) map

art show - w4m (vancouver)

Motown James with the accent ; ) - w4m (west end) map

I am a fool. - w4m

23 Chris and Matt from Pemberton Music Fest - w4m 23 (Downtown) map

Starbucks Handsome Bald Reader - w4m (Walnut Grove) map

handsome man at lauras coffee shop - w4m (whiterock) map

25 Long shot: JS to MS - w4m 25 (Surrey) map

My Adonis Customer - w4m (Boundary) map

things are diffrent but not in a way your assuming.. - w4m

Translink Driver - Oak Street #17 - Eastbound - w4m (Vancouver) map

Like two star crossed lovers - w4m map

Blue is your favorite color. - w4m (Surrey) map

You called to see if I was ok - w4m

Playing sideways smile tag on hwy 1 - w4m map

34 Surrey hospital construction guy January 26th - w4m 34 map

97 B Line to Lougheed Mall - w4m (Burnaby)

Re; why - w4m map

It was almost a year ago........... - w4m map

20 Skittles at Whytecliff Park - w4m 20

'like a sister to me' - w4m

29 711 on Friday 22nd on 5th in new west around 1130 pm - w4m 29 (New west)

Blue Subaru vs. Blue Mazda - w4m (The 91) map

JJ babe - w4m

Royal Oak--Gray Long Wool Coat - w4m (Royal Oak Station) map

Columbia station friday night - w4m (Columbia station) map

19 Ty segall last night. You were wearing a jean jacket - w4m 19 (The vogue theatre) map

David Paul Stewart - w4m (Richmond) map

I miss you M - w4m (Burnaby)

Remember vegas - w4m map

Tripped at the Bowie show - w4m (Cobalt) map

Sky - w4m (Vancouver) map

Coffee & sunflower seeds - w4m (United blvd) map

Timothy in Mountain Magic - w4m (South Surrey)

No frills Broadway - man with hipster glasses - w4m (Cambie and broadway) map

Hard Rock Casino - w4m (Richmond) map

Handsome contractor - w4m (Clayton Heights)

T, are you out there? - w4m

NL - w4m (Vancouver)

Mark - Saturday 7:30pm BusDriver - Hastings - w4m (Robson and Grandville) map

The game stops now ... - w4m

Letting your actions affect me.... - w4m

Seabus Friday morning - w4m

30 re: I miss my friend - w4m 30 (Abbotsford/Surrey) map

re: pure emeraldz - w4m map

You gave us directions to Lonsdale Market brunch/cafe - w4m (North Van)

I love you. - w4m

Tall and helpful on the #3 - w4m (Main Street) map

Scottsdale mall - w4m (Surrey)

Tall, beard and sexy - w4m (burnaby)

Tall Indian guy at Starbucks - w4m (Granville skytrain station) map

44 Joe in his old shop - w4m 44 (Commercial Drive Little Italy) map

19 Brandon at G Sports Bar - w4m 19 map

Renfrew library today - w4m map

Save-On-Foods - south Surrey Sunday afternoon - w4m (Save on foods) map

T.O. Hero Saved Me From Wendy's Masturbator - w4m (Wendy's at Cambie and Broadway) map

Dave.brother in law.volunteer.germany.bracelet - w4m (Dublin crossind Friday) map

I want you to remember me. - w4m (Surrey)

37 Maple Ridge REVS bowling alley - w4m 37 (Maple Ridge) map

Music man - w4m (Surrey)

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